Reference Bot

*Beep* *boop* I’m @referencebot! A bot who can build IATI Reference sites 🚀

Once you’ve completed the setup, you can write “@referencebot build!” in a pull request comment, and I’ll build a staging site for you.


You need to add a webhook to your organization, so I can be notified whenever you mention my name.

  1. Visit and select the relevant organization
  2. Click “Settings” to see the settings for your organization
  3. In the sidebar, click “Webhooks”. Then near the top-right, you’ll see an “Add webhook” button. Click it!
  4. You’ll see a form to add a new webhook. Webhooks are fired whenever some specified action happens on github.
  5. First, set the Payload URL to
  6. Set the “Content type” to “application/json
  7. Leave the “Secret” and “SSL verification” as default
  8. For “Which events would you like to trigger this webhook?”, choose “Let me select individual events.” Then ensure only the following two checkboxes are checked:
    • “Issue comments”, and
    • “Pull requests”
  9. Leave “Active” checked, and click “Add webhook”


Mention “@referencebot” and “build” in a pull request comment, and I’ll do the rest!